Monday, January 14

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 14 Review

"To C.I.R., With Love"
January 14, 2008

Summary: Kyle comes home and tells his family the whole truth. Unfortunately he is too late to say goodbye to Amanda, she left home early. The Tragers and Kyle decide to take down Madacorp, by Kyle being hooked up to that brain chair and take down Madacorp's mainframe by Stephen hooking the chair to their mainframe. Madacorp is having a convenient "Open House" for all the Tragers to attend. Kyle offers himself to Ballantine, only to find out he already has Jessi giving him the information. Josh's girlfriend Andy uses the 'cancer card' and tries to get Josh to tell her 'the secret.' Declan and Lori reunite, since Lori found out she wasn't responsible for Declan breaking up with her, it wasn't something out of their control. Stephen is found out Emily and he tries to get to her by 'thinking about the family.' She turns him in, saying she is. Kyle and Stephen are detained, while Jessi is hooked up tot he chair and given memories of being the Trager's daughter, instead of Kyle as they get the data they want. Kyle connects with Jessi and intercepts the illusion.

Kyle then gets the information. Brian comes in and tells Kyle he can't take over the computer and he will be fried like charcoal. Emily then lets Jessi go, the guards chase after her. Nicole, worried about he rboys go after them and finds Jessi. Nicole gives a frazzled Jessi a pep talk. In the chair, Kyle goes through all his memories with the Tragers and goes into cardiac arrest. Ballantine goes to maximum power, as Jessi connects with Kyle mentally and they 'end' it together. Stephen is freed from his room, when they make the glass in the room break. He connects the wire to the mainframe. They cause a blackout in the city. Jessi wakes up but faints and ends up in the hospital. Turns out, Ballantine was doing all of this without Madacorp's knowing and they arrest him. Emily takes his job. Kyle then talks to Tom, who tells him he has to be a big boy and be on his own. He then finds Amanda in his tub/bed, that her flight was delayed because the blackout. Jessi then gets a visit from Brian, saying he is her father. He gives her some info on her DNA donor: her name is Sarah and he took the picture of her and Adam.

Stuff I liked:
It was funny when Lori said, "Kyle gave us the 'previously on' recap." It was really strange and heartwarming seeing Declan and Lori shred their old memories and oh god, too inappropriate moment with the condoms. Kyle connects with Jessi and intercepts the illusion, disrupting her perfect world as the Trager's daughter. In this awesome scene, she reminded of who she really is. The TV talks about the murder on the news. Lori doesn't appear for a while, when she does, she has the mark she caused and then Declan's necklace appears in her hands. Awesome episode.