Sunday, January 27

Adult movies as kid cartoons of the past

Now that this potential bomb Rambo is coming out, I remember Rambo from when I was a kid in the 80's and I was like 'Wasn't the first movie called Rambo?' But it was called First Blood. I was four and I remember watching the cartoon of Rambo. I knew it was short-lived, I looked it up and it lasted one year, 65 episodes. Cartoon seasons last 65 episodes. Of course they had to turn it down. It was called "rambo and the Forces of Freedom."

When the animated series of RoboCop came out in 1988, I never saw the movie and never heard of it. I was 6. I loved the cartoon. Later on, my brother-in-law rented the 1987 movie on VHS and begged my dad to watch it. He said no because it was rated R. I begged him, saying I could handle it, and then when I saw it, from those people who have seen the movie, you know I was probably traumatized. But, the funny thing is that I wasn't bothered by Murphy being shot down, reasmbled, but what bugged me more was the psychological stuff about Murphy missing his wife and son. RoboCop only last 12 episodes. Toxic Crusaders, RoboCop, and Rambo are part of a special club, that they are animated series intended for children based on R-Rated movies. (Toxic Crusaders was based on Toxic Avenger). Can you imagine Alien Vs. Predator the animated series these days? Or Cloverfield?