Monday, January 21

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 3 Review

This series is propelling well. Miles Dyson's widow Tarissa (Charlayne Woodard) is seen again, Sarah visits her at the cemetery. She leads her to Any (Brendan Hines), who might create SkyNet and is now just a cell-phone salesman. He asks Sarah on a date and after charming her, they go out on a date. In which, he shows her his chess-beating computer. She doesn't think much of it at first, she thinks it is hilarious but John makes her wake up. People have complained that John hasn't had a lot of time to shine. He does a bit here. In a 'wholly-cow' scene, Cameron prevents John from stopping a girl from committing suicide. In a strange scene, kids stare at a weird painting on a school wall. As a janitor paints off one, another is made and everyone is left wondering what the fuck it is. The painting is sort of errie. Cameron said it was a reference to something.

It was a black door. Then a black door with a yellow bra and then that girl started freaking out. Then at the end, it was with a girl kissing a teacher in shadows. John burns to be the hero he is suppose to be but I believe the reason Cameron stopped him was for him not to be harmed. Also what Sarah said was that it would attract attention to him if he was a 'hero.' Catherine Dent also joins the cast as Agent Greta Simpson, a counter to James Ellis. The Terminator from the first episode, re-assembled himself and found a scientist to make artifical tissue for him and then he stole his eyes. Cameron wants Sarah to kill Andy. Sarah thinks of it like what if you could kill the scientists that build the nuclear bomb, would you? Would it make a difference? What she does is burn Andy's house, along with the Turk.