Tuesday, January 22

Heath Ledger

I am almost crying. I used to cry when I was kid but that has been stifled. I am not the type of guy to be so distraught over a celebrity or actor dying, but this is special to me. Also, it isn't that he is in one of my favorite movies, Brokeback Mountain, I really didn't expect this happening. Brad Renfro recently passed away, for still unknown reasons, I didn't even post something on that. I am not discrediting Brad Renfro, but Ledger's passing is quite frankly a shock and large surprise. I always expected Heath to have a large filmography and keep on acting like Clint Eastwood, Robert Renford, etc. And my prayers go to Michelle Williams, his very young daughter, his parents, and all of his love ones and fans. This is really tragedy, because he had so much potential and it was shame he couldn't see himself on the big screen as the Joker, which he is getting a lot of buzz around.