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Amas de Casa Desesperadas Review

With the popularity of "Desperate Housewives," it not only has been dubbed in many languages, but in Spanish and also re-done for Spain, Argentina, and now, for some reason for Univision, the American Spanish channel. With a whole new cast and new names, it is completely in Spanish and set in the United States. Instead of Wisteria Lane, they live in Manzanares (Apple?) 'estrit' (Street). The first episode aired last night, it airs at 10pm Thursdays. It doesn't feel like a rerun, even though they follow everything to a tee. The first episode is exactly the same, as if they are stuck in a loop. It is interesting to see a soap opera satire done by telenovela actors. I guess they did this for those stubborn viewers would wouldn't watch any American show, in English or dubbed and will only watch Univision.
Con el popularidad de "Desperate Housewives," estado doblado en muchas idiomas, en Español también y también se ha hecho de nuevo para España, la Argentina, y ahora, por una razón, para Univision. Con actores nuevos entero y nuevos nombres, basado en los Estados Unidos. En vez de Wisteria Lane, viven en la Calle Manzanares. El primer episodio ayer por la noche, de los Jueves por la noche al las 10pm. No se siente como un capitilo repeatido, se siente neuvo but si se siguen todo exactamente como el original. Es interesante ver una sátira de una telenovela hecha por los actores del telenovela.

Mary Alice, here is called Alicia Arizmendi and played by the famous and legendary actress/singer Lucia Mendez. I used to look up to her as a kid with a song of hers about strawberries and kisses. Unfortunately, I don't think she suited to be the sweet and nice counselor that Mary Alice was. Alicia is exactly the same character but Lucia comes off as fake and bitchy. She looks more like a villain than anything.
Alicia Arizmendi se basa en el papel de Maria Alicia, hecho por la famosa y legendaria actriz and cantante Lucia Mendez a. Como niño, la admiré. Me gusto su canción sobre besarse y fresas. Desafortunadamente, ella sale más como un antagonista que un narradora dulce.

Teri Hatcher doppleganger Scarlet Otriz portrays Susana Martinez, Susan Mayer in the original. She acts like her exactly, even the nuances and movements. But it is not like she is imitating her. The girl who plays her daughter Julie is exactly the same as our Julie, it is like they were made to watch the original.
Scarlet Otriz retrata Susana Martinez, que se parase, actúa, y mueve justo como Susan Mayer en el original. Pero no es como ella solo la está imitando. La muchacha hacer como su hija Julia es exactamente igual que la Julia original, él es como le hicieron mirar el original.

Talking about imitators, Julieta Rosen, exactly imitates Marcia Cross' Bree as Regina Sotomayor. She is a carbon copy. She enunciates just like her.
Julieta Rosen imita Marcia Cross. Ella retrata Regina Sotomayor.

Ana Serradilla protrays Gabriela Solis, which had no name change at all. More of the same, what can I say?
Protrays Gabriela Solis de Ana Serradilla, que no tenían ningún cambio de nombre. ¿Qué más qu puedo decir?

As for Lynette Scavo, her name here is Leonor Guerrero. Where as Lynette has class and was believable as a working woman, Lorna Paz plays her here is a comical way. She is no stranger to Spanish conversions of American shows. She was in the Colombian version of "Married with Children." She was PEGGY! It shows here. She comes out more ghetto than anything.
Aqui Lynette Scavo se llama Leonor Guerrero, retratado por Lorna Paz que ha hecho "Casada con Hijos" como Dolores "Lola" de Rocha en Colombia.

Their Edie, Roxana Guzman doesn't look like a 60-year old Botox Barbie. She is portrayed by Gabriela Vergara.
Gabriela Vergara retrata Roxana Guzman, la rival de Susan. Su nombre era Edie Britt en la original. Ella no pasere como ella tenía cirugía plástica como la original.

As for men.....
Mary Alice's husband is ugly and so is Bree's husband. When Rex looked like a Suburban husband, but yet a bit sexy, here the actor is just plain ugly with gray hair and a thick black mustache. As for the breakout hit hunk in the original, the gardener is not much of a hottie. Maybe at the same level as Jesse Metclafe. The plumber, is eh. But the hottest for me is a surprise, it is Bernie Paz, portraying Gabie's husband Carlos Solis.
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Bernie Paz- Carlos Solis
Ezequiel Stremiz- 'Gardener John'
Diego Ramos- 'Plumber Mike'
Diego Bertie- 'Tom Scavo'