Monday, January 21

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 15 Review

Jessie and her amazing attention-seeking tricks. Good Episode. She walks on water and leaps down a tall building. Lot of confrontations. Nicole with Brian. Kyle with Emily. Emily with Jessie. Brian with Kyle and Nicole. And at the end, Jessi gets a big confrontation with everyone. Hilary eggs Jessi on, not to be a bitch but because she hurt Lori. At the beginning of the episode, we find out the Trager family have a lot of information on Jessie and Brian. One would expect them to figure it out slowly like they usually do. But apparently Brian is biologically Jessie's father. Nicole is concerned if Brian is a good parent. I think they discovered this to make room for everything else that has happened.

Declan is on crutches because of the battle at Madacorp last week. Curious enough, there was no scene between Jessie and Brian throughout the episode.... until the very end. Tonight we find out the Latnok ring Kyle got from Balantine wasn't the ring Adam Baylin gave him. It was actually Balantine's father's ring. Brian was the one who took the ring from the pawn shop. Now Kyle has both. As for the conversation between Jessie and Emily, basically Emily was recruiting for Madacorp at the Career Fair and Kyle confronted her. Jessie came along and Emily offered being fame and popularity. As for Andy, she is trying out a wig and Josh wasn't all for the career fair and stands up to the principal, saying he will make a difference. It is all because of Andy. He is much more serious which is good, the boy growing up. In a smart move to stop Jessie from doing a third stunt, Kyle 'ruins it' by saying he will do it along with her and the Trager kids do too. Jessie eventually goes on to it but Kyle stops her, using his powers. With water below her, he used the water in him to make her water move and make her back up.

In the beginning, Kyle accidentally levitates in front of the neighbor mother of his girlfriend and it attracts attention. The next day she appears with her friends to see the trick. At the end of episode, it is simply solved with Kyle putting his foot on the sprinkler to make her believe it was nothing. Also, interesting factoid Brian told everyone that Sara, Jessi's mom is dead. And TV Guide and have confirmed that former Rat Packer will play Sarah in an episode near the season finale, so that is curious.