Sunday, January 20

Breaking Bad Review

I always knew Bryan Cranston deserved his own show. He needed an award for his work on "Malcolm in the Middle," but is "Breaking Bad" worthy a vehicle to get his notice? I don't know, "The Shield" was FX's first series and launched them. Some call "Breaking Bad" an effort to do the same for AMC. He plays Walter White, chemist teacher who is lead to making crystal meth in a RV when too much shit piles up: he is diagnosed with lung cancer, his wife is pregnant (Anna Gunn), his son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) has cerebral palsy (done quite well, he is a normal teenager) and they are about to loose their house. How did he get to this? Well, he is out on a bust with his wife's brother that is a cop and he finds a former student is a crack addict/dealer Jesse (Aaron Paul). He eventually convinces the punk looser to team up with him because of his 'connections.' The dumb kid don't know shit about chemistry and don't believe in Walter's skills until he witness the actual drug he can cook up.

These dumb fucks (Jesse and his Latino ex-partner and cousin dealer) don't know shit about chemistry. It is what I have been saying for years: that the actual kids in the meth lab don't know anything about chemistry. Walter is incredibly intelligent but still over his head and a bit of a sad sack. His wife is sure he is on to something. That old nutshell. The show isn't new territory but does have some funny moments and innovative in the pilot episode's climax. The show has a slow pace and eventually the music changes (hip-hop or latin rock for the moment) gets jarring. Let's see what this baby can do. Worth a look.