Tuesday, January 15

Golden Globes and Oscar Rant

I swear the Golden Globes is my favorite awards show, out of all the award shows, the only ones I watch are the Emmies, Oscars, and the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes have always been the punching bag of the awards, not really respected. The reason I like it is because it not only gives awards to movies, but also to television. It also gives a chance to movies that may not win an Oscar. Everyone is talking about the press conference that had to happen and narrated by Larry King on CNN. Conan O' Brian expressed how strange King's commentary was. Entertainment Weekly talked about five possible ways for the Oscars can be handled. John Stewart, who has been chosen to be the host, is now under a heat lamp. Even on his show "A Daily Show," his fellow 'correspondents' teased him about hosting 'that trainwreck.'

One and unlikely solution is for the strike to end before Feb. 24. Second, the strikers give the Oscars a free pass to let the actors and writers to go. WGA has already said it would deny any request from the Academy to allow writers to whip up jokes for Stewart. Third, If the powers that be believe that the strike will end before late March, they could postpone the show for a while and wait for it all to blow over. Fourth, the Oscars could copy the Golden Globes and just do a press conference. Lastly, it can be canceled in a worst case scenario. But the big problem is that many many loose money. Why? No stars means no red carpet, which means potential lost revenue for limo drivers, hoteliers, restaurants, jewelers, fashion press, stylists, and clothing designers. The right gown on the right star has launched many a designer's career because of the Oscars.

In all honesty, I wouldn't mind not having the Oscars if it means it compromises the writer's strike. It doesn't bode well for the Oscars, I believe any decision is not going to satisfy anyone.