Sunday, January 13

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot Review

My friends have given up to the franchise since T3, but I haven't. If anything "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" will rejuvenate the series. As fans know, this series is set after T2 and I see it more like a sequel to it. Appropriately enough, it begins with the car on the road. The series brings up many feelings from the movies and rings true to T2. The first episode starts out with a standard Terminator scenario in a dream and to reveal it has been two years since the events of T2 occurred (it is now 1999, but T2 occurred in 1991). Sarah finds true love, a perfect guy in Dixon (the sexy Dean Winters from "Rescue Me") but she leaves him after he proposes to her. Lena Headey does very well as Sarah, and evokes what one would expect in a movie portraying the caring and determined warrior of mom. What other mom would say, "Get the guns packed. We are having pancakes."

James Ellis plays Richard T. Jones, a FBI agent follow Sarah, believing she killed that Skynet guy Myles from the second movie. Quickly, Cameron (Summer Glau) comes into the scene as John's classmate in High School. She is an awesome pick for a Terminator. In the movies, no Terminator, neither the female Terminator was at the same level as Cameron. She is what we don't expect.. a sweet teenage girl to be a killer. I just love it when she says, "Come with me if you want to live." Joss Whedon, who direct Glau before in "Serenity" and Firefly, must be thrilled about this. It is true to John Cameron's vision as well. Glau being a dancer, it is funny she is doing fighting roles and crazy chick ones too ("The 4400"). Some fans believe Thomas Dekker's John is a mix between Eddie Furlong's and Nick Stahl's John, I tend to agree. He is rough around the edges but a total delinquent, he doesn't hesitate to jump out a window. The Terminators are deadly as ever, still evoking fear at every turn with their chilling expressions and incredible strength.

Oh, and the Terminators have a less roboty programmed into them. Enough for them to fool mostly anyone. Also, they have the same powers as before, like mimicking voices. Owain Yeoman ("Kitchen Confidential," and "The Nine") plays the first Terminator to bug them. He is British and plays Cromartie with a flawless American accent. Heady is half-half on the accent bent. Nick Wechsler from the show "Roswell" funny enough played the son of a Sheriff is now playing a Deputy. The original movie said the original Terminator came from 2029, Cameron says she is from 2021.Cut enough, she opened a safety deposit box in 1963. It is not boring at all.

Cute enoguh, Cameron takes them to bank where they take out pieces of a device from safety deposit boxes. In a awesome scene, Cameron offers Sarah a way to destroy Skynet, by traveling in time from 1999 to 2007, where it starts. In a uncomfortable moment, John, Sarah and Cameron find themselves naked in 2007. What a three-some!

"They're back!!!"
Grade: A