Tuesday, May 19

Top 10 Biggest Douchebags of the past 6 Months

What is a Douchebag?
For me, it is a jerk or an asshole, a man who thinks he is a big shot when he really isn't anything. He is all talk and very annoying.

10. Jim Cramer, "Mad Money," he gave a sweaty excuse on the "Daily Show" after that whole to-do.
9. Gisele Bundchen, the 'Other woman,' Tom Brady's girlfriend who thinks Tom's son (son of Bridget Moynahan) is her son as well.
8. Ryan Seacrest, he might seem nice but he can be homophobic (a few years ago with Simon Cowell they would say homophobic comments to each other) and how he treated Kathy Griffin once by going the wrong way at an award show and saying "That's what I get for following a woman." He is just a consistant douchebag.
7. David Hasslehoff, and those British reality-show judges, all those judges, annoying!!!
6. Chris Brown, we are all innocent until proven guilty? For whatever reason, you just don't do that, I don't care if I don't have all the information. That just can't be done.
5. Kayne West, well, lots and lots of reasons but when South Park tore him a new one, he went off a large rant on his blog on his 'growth' and the image he presents to people.
4. Brody Jenner just looks like one and his dad...
3. Bruce Jenner (with the plastic surgery) is just a creepy step-dad to the Kardashians.
2. Spencer Pratt of "The Hills" or "The Hills are Alive" whatever it is called. The Biggest Douchebag ever! But he is not good enough to be number one on any list.
1. Dick Cheney, who goes on the news eight years after being vice-president and go blabbing and didn't even have the balls to do it in the beginning?

Yes, I know, Matthew McConaughey, Dane Cook, and countless others are candidates for douchebags but they don't bug me as much as those above. And Sarah Silverman hasn't bugged me lately, she is not on my radar right now. I have also grown accostumed of Simon Cowel now, I just ignore him, and the shit he says is only directed to the American Idol people, so that doesn't bug me as much. You know who else bugs me? Those Fox News assholes.