Tuesday, May 12

Adam Lambert's sexuality in Entertainment Weekly

Adam Lambert, American Idol's 100th season contestant is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine. There is an asterisk on the cover saying "*And not just because he might be gay" and there is an emphasis on his sexuality. The article is written by Mark Harris, who is gay. He says, "Many readers will say 'Why are we even discussing this? Why does it matter whether he's gay or not?' It doesn't. Or rather, it shouldn't. Except that unlike his counterparts, who commodify their lives on their sleeves, Adam isn't talking about it." Why should it matter if he is out and proud? And why isn't he? When people ask about his sexuality, Adam Lambert goes around in circles with the answer, very prepared. Gay contestants are nothing new, but they never won and Clay Aiken never won and he wasn't out at the time. It is interesting that Entertainment Weekly did this article, it is quite brave to do so. Many may criticize it but I applaud them.