Saturday, May 30

Make Me a Supermodel Season Two: Who Will Win?

I know I spoke a lot about the first season of Make Me a Supermodel and haven't said much about season 2 but I have been watching season 2 intently. Last Wednesday, Montahahahana was kicked out and I think she did a good effort and evolved and didn't need to be kicked out. Anyhoo, it is interesting that there is only three guys left. Branden is cute and young and naive and sweet, I think they are giving him more credit that he deserves. Maybe they should have kicked him out for him to learn harsh realities. Clearly he is not going to win. This has always been and will be in the end a competition between Sandhurst and Johnathan. Oh my god do I love Johnathan! He is a loving father, sexy, versatile, fun, and a thinking model. I didn't like how he lost his confidence two weeks ago. I think the runway last week hurt Sandhurst, they want Johnathan to bring it, I think he can. But it is still 50/50 between the two.