Wednesday, May 13

Is Matt Groening becoming George Lucas?

Simpsons fans have like Matt Groening for years, but I am not sure what they think about him now though. But Star Wars fans hate George Lucas, as he changed ("digitally enhanced") the original movies not once but twice. I have been listening to the audio commentaries, which I love, of Seasons 3-6, 8 and 10 of the Simpsons and the latest ones Matt mentioned that fans are not happy with the newer episodes, saying that they suck and he says it is because the new ones are not going to match the old ones, in shock factor. Also to those who grew up with the show (like me), it won't be the same as they remember, which eerily echoes what George Lucas has said in defense of the prequel trilogy. Is this a pattern to famous fanboy franchises and their creators?