Thursday, May 28

The longevity of Sesame Street

I read this real good article from Newsweek Magazine about Sesame Street and how it has changed the world. I grew up with it and love how they had a deaf character at that time and my sister was deaf and I identified with her. The article speaks on their pro-multi-cultural stuff but also on how many groups gotten upset for a number of things, like the lack of a Latino character in the early times and Bert and Ernie being allegedly gay. They now make 26 new episodes a year (which used to be a lot more decades ago) and have cut down in the crew because of the economy. On November 10th, the series will be around 40, but the article also says how it is up against Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, etc. and if it can stay on the air. I do honestly believe Sesame Street has changed the world in a way and does infulence me and it kids inspiring children. It is an institution, I think it will survive.

Newsweek Magazine