Tuesday, May 19

I hate those movies when Angel gives one person another person's life

I don't know how to describe this and I don't have a lot of examples because I can't remember any but I know there are more movies to illustrate my point. IMDB doesn't even have a keyword for this anyway. The movie Ice Angel (2000) had a popular hockey player who dies and comes back as a woman figure skater (who was in a coma). What I don't like about that is that the woman looses her life and some jerk takes over her life because he died too soon. As for the movie Down to Earth (2001), Chris Rock takes the life of an old rich white man---old white man ends up going to heaven and then the body dies with Chris Rock in it and then Chris Rock goes in the body of another comedian and forgets who he is and the original inhabiter of that body goes to heaven. Confusing? Well, I am not confused but I wonder who ever invited this idea for movies and TV shows, I have seen it on Sci-Fi shows too. The reason I don't like the idea is that you are living your life, you get in an accident and then someone else takes over your body living your life.

It has also been done in the show Ghost Whisperer where big boobs' husband died and then when one guy went to heaven, he scooped up and went into his body. Now, I think he's back from the dead in his own body or something.