Wednesday, May 20

Glee Pilot Sneak Preview Review

I did not see Glee last night because I was busy. I watched it on the FOX website. Some insiders say that the pilot that aired was not the full pilot. Many people are raving about this show. It is from Ryan Murphy, the openly gay and crazy creator of "Nip/Tuck." The show starts out like a indie movie (doesn't help that Jane Lynch is in nit, when I first saw the promo--I thought it was a movie!), with its outspoken cartoon-ish flawed characters but it sucks you in. The stand-out characters are Rachael (Lee Michele)--the obnoxious overachiever (who happens to have two gay fathers); Kurt (Chris Colfer), the out and gay talented singer; Arty (boybander Kevin McHale), the boy in the wheelchair; Mercedes (Amber Riley) is the sassy Black girl; and of course the football player who really can sing Finn (Kyle XY's Cory Monteith). One of the lines I like is when Rachael says, "I can feel the clock ticking away, I don't want to leave High School with nothing to show for it." and Finn says "When we fought the Osama Bin Laden for the first time."

I can really feel for the teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), mainly because I am a teacher too, well a substitute teacher. I am still hopeful. And Murphy was smart to hire Jessalyn Gilsig (who played Gina in "Nip/Tuck" and Meredith in "Heroes"). She is not a bad girl here, she is just overbearing and an interesting character. She has a craft room where Will is not let in there and she doesn't want him to be a teacher but an accountant. Some great casting, characters are a little overbearing, and I hope they tone them down. Jane Lynch is just at her best really, not too overbearing and she is to what everyone expects her for now, even if everyone know their name. If you think it is just like another underdog story... then yes, it is. But you want to cheer for these freaks. The most brilliant part of the plot is when Schuester, Morrison's character plopped marijuana on him to get him in the Glee club because he is a good singer.

Also, could the pilot have a reference to "Kyle XY"? Finn mentions "Sour Patch Kids." "Kyle XY" had sour patch kids product placement all the time. Finn also has a celibate girlfriend who is into celibacy. One interesting sequence was when Will takes the Glee kids to check out the 'competition' and the camera sticks to them in a long shot when they enter the auditorium. Very rare for a TV show. Justin Gaston, current boyfriend to Miley Cyrus and Nashville Star contestant, plays one of Finn's teammates that pelts him with paint from his paint gun. Lee Michele looks familar but she hasn't been in anything else. But in that finale, seriously, was everyone in that auditorium and how freaking big is that freaking auditorium???!

"Re-capturing the Golden Days"
Terri Schuester thinks Will is trying to recapture the glory days by being a teacher, I resent that. As a teacher, I do not believe I am trying to recapture the glory days. There was no glory days. My high school days suck. I do want the kids to succeed in school, but it's because I've been there and I want the best for them. I only substitute for Elementary school students and in many of these classes, I see kids that remind me of the kids I went to school with. In fact, I am teaching at the schools I went to as a kid, so same neighborhood I grew up in and my former classmates are either in jail, dead, or in debt. So, I don't want that for them. It's a vicious cycle. Also, I stuttered as a kid, I like that Tina is Asian and stutters.