Tuesday, May 19

Desperate Housewives Season Five Finale

It was an interesting season, while last season became a bit stale and probably felt so-so because of the Writers' Strike, this season has been infused with what made the first season so great. But I think the topper was casting Neal McDonough. If you see the first episode and then last episode, they tie in perfectly. I think it is the first season of Desperate Housewives that feels full-circle, very tight. Because even the first season went into its own tangents. It is the type of show that has no other choice but to go into different tangents, as a new plot or arc is introduced and quickly lost when not popular (for example, when Zack fell in love and tried to woo Gabriele). This season had some of that, for example, one of the Twins getting a lady pregnant, even though it lasted quite a few episodes, it wasn't mentioned in the two-part finale. Anyhoo, I digress. Other than the Susan/Mike/Neal McDonough plot, the other plots in the season finale felt like a bridge to the next season. Like Lynette finding out she was pregnant, Gaby having a rival in her house in the form of Carlos' niece and Bree's new affair with Karl.

Man, Karl and Edie were the whores of the series. Edie was with Karl, Mike, Carlos and tried to get with Orson. While, Karl has been with Susan, Edie, a bunch of other women and now Bree. And as for the new kids, let me tell you that the new kids like Susan's son MJ and Gaby's girls are way more interesting than the other children in the past seasons. But am I looking forward to season 6? No, not really. Last season's cliffhanger was way more interesting and hard to top. While this cliffhanger of who Mike will marry... red-head #2 Katherine or Susan again? And what the hell happened to the gay neighbors? And for once can Lynette be centered around the main plot PLEASE! It wasn't a fluke she got an Emmy for the first season, freeze-face Bree has gotten two big plots and Susan has gotten countless, why can't Lynette be in the center of the action? She was in the center of that supermarket shoot-out and for that episode with a child molester, which could have easily been a season arc.