Tuesday, May 19

The Office Season Five Finale

I loved this episode "Company Picnic," it was funny and irreverent. Michael and his soul mate Holly meet again and do a skit that seemed un-funny at first which was a mix of Slumdog Millionaire and Dunder-Mifflin. Michael reveals a branch is closing, which I believe he does out of spite from being fired, then being rivals with the company and then re-hired. Holly and Michael don't talk about their relationship and don't get back together and Michael makes a touchingly sweet and very mature speech on how they will get back together one day. I loved the scenes with Phylis and also the relationship between Dwight and Jim. At the end, it is implied that Pam is pregnant. There is a rumor that the hospital scenes were filmed using the set from Scrubs, an ABC series which recently wrapped its final season. Many may think it is cliched but I personally think it will bring more conflict. Pam just started a job as a salesperson and she is not married yet, and now she is pregnant? She will get lots of flack out of the Office gang and she is planning a wedding, so the stress may get to her. So I see a very interesting arc for Jim and Pam for season six, when fans were complaining that season five didn't give them enough of an exciting plot. I barely ever think about the Office's ficitional lives but now I am wondering if Jim and Pam are going to change Jim's parents' old room into a nursery.