Wednesday, May 6

Scrubs Series Finale Review

Since last year, I had heard there was going to be a big cameo appearance by a lot of the minor characters that have been on the show Scrubs in the finale. I waited and waited through the two-part finale and the episode was mostly about that it wasn't going to be a big farewell to JD, who was changing hospitals. So by mid-way to the 2nd part, it finally happened but it was a dream sequence of sorts. Many of them looked familiar and some looked so different, unrecognizable. There was like 3 or 4 dead ones, except for his dad and Brendan Faser. Some I did not recognize (even though I watch the reruns all the day!). It was a good 2-parter, about how things don't have be how you expect them. We finally got Janitor's true name.. sort of. And there was a nice emotional moment between Carla and JD. JD had a 'projector home movies' sort of dream sequence of the future, where he and Elliott marry, have a daughter and then in the future, he and Turk's first-borns are engaged. But of course, these are just fantasies. When he left Sacred Heart in his car, I was afraid he was going to get in a car accident after saying who is to say his fantasies wouldn't come true but thank god, he left with no accident. After the commercial break, we got a making-of-of sorts of course.