Sunday, November 30

Yo Quiero Mi Principe

Two weeks ago was my four-year-old niece's birthday party and she loves the Disney Princesses. We got her Ariel, big Belle and the non-princess big Tinker Bell. She looked at all her dolls and then she asked, "Donde esta mi principe?" We laughed but I gave this great thought. She had many Princesses (Jasmine, Cinderella, Baby Ariel, etc.), but she had no prince. She didn't have no Barbie nor Ken. My eldest niece, her cousin, hates Barbies and is happy she doesn't have any Barbies. But when I wished to get the little niece "A" a Prince doll for Christmas, my eldest niece "M" suggested buying Ken's prince. I went to Toys R Us and they only had the new Diamond-no-se-que (Diamond-I-don't-know-what) and he didn't look much like a prince. And they had Sleeping Beauty with Prince Phillip for $22 in a pack. Even as much as I love them, no way I was going to pay that much. I found the Princesses in 'wedding dresses' but no groom. What kind of wedding is that? Are they promoting same-sex weddings? If so, awesome but I doubt it.

So I decided to go to the Disney Store. I was sure I would find it. There was the tall wall of the Princesses: Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Mulan. And down there, a few of the Beast. It shows off that you can change the Beast into the prince. As much as I love the Beast, "A" loves the Little Mermaid and has the doll in that size. In the back of the packaging of the Beast, there is the other Princes: Prince Charming, Phillip, Aladdin, Eric, and the Beast. I went to the sales lady and said, "Yo amo la Bestia, pero no tenien los otro princepes?" She told to look back there, I told her I did, she asked if I searched, I told her I glanced at it. We went to the second wall of dolls and searched, I just moved a bit of figures and she finally accepted there wasn't any. She then went to the back to check. I told her I would prefer Eric, but she said she would get what she could.

I went back to the first big wall of dolls, search and search and nothing. It is obvious where that the kids give up searching, the dolls above were all perfectly stacked. There was only the beast. I fear that my niece "A" will loose the beast head. So the lady came back with a couple of Prince Charmings and Prince Eric. I was so thrilled, I tried taking Eric from her but she needed help to carry them. So I helped put them on the shelf. She felt bad for poor Beast. Having less Prince merchandise in Princesses is common with any gender-based merchandise, there are few male CabbagePatch Kids, there are few female Power Rangers or even female figures in any male-based toyline. Because with the theory or proof that they don't sell well. The Princes were pretty good deal too, originally they were $12.50, they are now $8.