Tuesday, November 25

Belle, Snoopy's sister

Lots of people remember Flashbeagle from the 80's, I think the Peanuts specials' heyday were in the 80's. I used to love watching those specials and movies. But I had a stuff toy above of a Snoopy character and always thought it was his girlfriend. This was a common misconception. Belle only made a few appearances in the Peanuts comic strip, but is well-remembered because of the Belle stuffed animal toys sold in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many people who were not regular readers of the comic strip mistakenly thought that she was Snoopy's girlfriend, rather than his sister. Belle also appeared briefly in the opening sequence of "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show." While she was mentioned in the lyrics to the opening theme song, Belle never appeared in the actual cartoon series. One of Snoopy's most seen sibling was Spike, who had a special called "It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown," which many criticized but I liked it as a kid.