Thursday, November 6

My take on the Gay Marriage Ban

So here is my take, I was all for 'No on Amendment 2' in Florida which defines marriage in the traditional sense and it was passed. I had no idea about California, I thought I was safe on that side but unfortunately Amendment 8 was approved and now there is a ban on gay marriage but I know my people will not take it without a fight. There is no so far 3 lawsuits against the amendment and plenty groups are fired up and fighting back. Yay for them and I am right with them. This is not the end, this is just the beginning. If we can have Obama for president, I can have my husband one day.

I worked as a poll worker/quality assurance specialist in the election on Tuesday and I had to read in Spanish to the non-English speaking voters that required help, and it was hard to see them vote 'yes' on the amendment but I took an oath and had to take it with stride. This is the rare times I mention something private about my life on my blog, my win was that my mother, who I have fought with for years about me being who I am, voted 'no' on the amendment and that touches me so much. So much, without words to express but I have tried.