Sunday, November 16

SNL: Paul Rudd is a brave one

Finally a funny post-political season SNL, I think SNL will be doing fine. Paul Rudd takes it there, he is not afraid. Of course since he has lots of improv experience. He didn't even plug his new movie Role Models in his opening monologue. He did poke fun at SNL being in post-political season and had Kristen Wigg join in the fun---not as Sarah Palin but as an obscure politician. I am sure others won't agree. But there was one sketch where Rudd and Andy Samberg are roommates and go to Rudd's character's home where he, his parents and brother kiss on the lips and ends up with a kiss orgy. And there was...what I guess was a Digital Short with Andy Samberg and Paul Rudd painting each other naked ala Titanic and ending up to be one those Ben Stiller/Adam Samberg-ish movies. There were lots of gender bending and challenging of gender norms in this episode and that's great. And more bloody sketches, always good. And of course, a gay marriage skit with Rudd and Bill Hader about closeted guys that ended up sweet and not like all completely "ha ha, they are gay."

Sidebar: I had to mention Weekend Update, with the 'featuring castmember' dressed up as Snagglepuss discussing what Seth Meyers puts as a 'setback for the gay community' just like straight guys say to separate themselves from stuff. Snugglepuss 'came out' and announce he wanted to married the little green The Great Kazoo. That was hiliarious. Cute. But I am not going to put much against Meyers since he was equally prejudice with racist jokes like "Laura Bush and Michelle Obama met and Laura kept a close look at her pocket book." Everyone booed for that and for ban on gay marriage. John Stewart went through the same booing thign when he mentioned it on "The Daily Show."