Monday, December 1

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Episode 11 Review

"Self Made Man"
Lots of people have given up on this show, especially FOX, who will be moving the show to Friday. I haven't. It is a fantastic show. Many Terminator fans still won't go near the show, but many newcomers have. This episode was more about Cameron and John, split up in their own stories. John has a lady love and trying to keep his secret but she wants to know more about him and she makes him jealous at a party. Cameron has been established as not sleeping so she does other things. She has her secrets. She has a buddy in the library and he is handicapped and she is on a mission. She plays investigator about a man and a murder in the 20's. I usually don't like period episodes, especially about the speakeasy or film noir-references because most of them fall flat. This one's plot was pretty simple, but a Terminator-related twist and also the usually Cameron-is-not human stuff. But pretty compelling. Cameron is starting to feel. She does feel and she did have a friend. She asks the man in the wheelchair, if he ever thought about suicide.

He is insulted, of course. But in real life, I had a friend who lived his whole life in a wheelchair and did commit suicide. He hated how people looked at him. I have had other friends in wheelchairs that haven't felt the same, it's just like 'regular' people of course, but I am saying just like people are people, there are people in wheel chairs that have had thought of suicide just like average people has. It was a good ep, lots of building blocks and understanding. Not very Arc-y but does play in the mythology. Too bad no one else noticed. Missing out.