Thursday, November 6

South Park/Obama Episode Quick

That was rather quick with South Park's episode last night about Obama and McCain pulling an 'Ocean's Eleven' on us to find a diamond under the White House. They have done this before with Sadam and his spider hole with that Canada/Wizard of Oz episode. I wonder what they would have aired if Obama didn't win. My dad thinks there is a whole other episode out there with McCain winning. But Parker and Stone sure are psychic to predict Obama and McCain voters' reactions. I wonder if McCain won, would they have had Obama suiciders.

They tell The Live Feed this:
"We've only ever worked on an Obama version," said Parker and Stone via email, when asked if they prepped two versions in case McCain won. "We followed Vegas odds. If McCain would have won we would have been screwed. It would have been our 'Dewey defeats Truman' moment."

The Live Feed
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