Tuesday, November 18

The Beauty of the Male Form Part 3: What is Sexy?

[Joe Griffith, above]

Now I will discuss What is Sexy about Men?, now yes the majority will be what I believe is sexy but also what sexy should be. I do believe Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, it is a bit ironic saying that if I have a hot guy blog. But I don't always pick guys that fall into agreed-upon convential beauty. So 'Sexy' is the same. It depends on the person you are attracting. But what I think should be an agreed-upon 'Sexy' is more about attitude. Indeed, woman have a more open ideal about sexiness in men, while the stereotype is that the majority of men have a narrow view of what is sexy in women. Actually, most men actually do like plus-size women and also like tomboy girl, many men find a woman in men's clothing enticing, well not all the time, mostly in the bedroom but it is something. Most specifically their own clothing that might be bigger on the woman.

[Daniel Gillies, above]

Sexiness do come in attitude. Even if a guy is handsome, I don't like a guy when he is stuck up or thinks he is 'all that' or a complete jack hole. I like humble guys, those 'ah shucks' guys. While the are hard to find, like needles in haystacks... Lots of women and gay men say confidence is key. And from personal experience, confidence does make a large effective difference. Confidence vs. Cockiness. Cockiness not great, it's annoying and off-putting. Confidence is just assurance, self-reliance in one's self. I do like guys that are introverted but not too much. So like with anything else, excessiveness is not good. Some people don't even like men that are 'too beautiful' or more beautiful than they are.

[Novak Djokovic, above]

Now, I have had my crushes that have come and gone. For Example, I had a thing for Andy Roddick (before I started this blog) but now I find him to be a boring douche. I had a thing for Justin Timberlake, found everything he did sexy and cute, but he also got bland and tired. He stopped updating his look, which I like and he is now fond of facial hair and I don't like too much facial hair. I am okay with some hair but not the scruffiness. I don't like when handsome guys get scruffy to hide their hottness. How annoying is that?

[Julian Mcmahon, above)

Fathers are also sexy. Fatherhood means responsibility, empathy and caring. Nothing isn't more sexy than a young handsome father playing with their kids or with a stroller. And it's happening more often these days. It is heart-warming to see how many young fathers are stepping up and being a true man by taking care of their children and being there for them.