Thursday, November 13

The Beauty of the Male Form Part 2

Okay, I said I was going to cover clothes on men, so here I go.

[Above, Gaspard Ulliel]
I am not that crazy about really skinny guys but I do appreciate how a decent jean looks on a tall skinny man. Also, love leather shoes. I'm a foot guy, I got to admit. I am crazy about feet but mostly with the shoes on. No, I don't want shoes stepping on me, no I don't like doing anything physical with the shoes. I just like looking at them.

[Above, Milo Ventimigla]
I love the whole look. The stance is very sexy. And those shoes, I am melting. I don't know how to explain this, this is almost uncharted waters. It has been discussed on the internet about male feet and male shoes, there are plenty videos on YouTube but there is not much discussion in psychology which I would love to read.

[Above, Adrian Armas]
Sneakers and shoes like those are foxxy with business pants, I love this whole outfit, the layers. Leather jackets look hot when they are shorter.

[Above, Penn Badgley]
Can't help but to love this whole picture and the outfit and the stance and the shoes. I can't say anything else.

[Above, Cillian Murphy]
Again, sexy boots, skinny jean pants, etc.

[Above, Dean Sheremet]
I love when shirts can be seen under other shirts, especially the biceps. Such form fitting. Do I even have to say that I look seeing nipples sticking out of shirts?

[Above, Oded Fehr]
There is a stereotype that women can't resist a man in uniform, but I believe it depends on the man. I mean it can true, for both women and men attracted to men. But army fatigues are real hot, especially the boots. The whole look is so very attractive.

[Above, Greg Plitt]
Ditto, they look like GI Joe dolls come to life.

[Above, Nicholas Lemons]
This fashion photo is great because it shows an uncommon thing, most men are full of motocross gear and sometimes it looks sexy but sometimes it looks too clunky, but in this picture, we have the strong but somewhat fragile tender male body with the hard, sexy and sleek armor.

Don't get me started with kilts! How striking!

[Above Right, Tom Zbikowski ]
Seeing the brief line, much like the panty line in women, in pants is really scrumptious.

[Above, Robertas Javtokas]
Talking about uniforms, I love baseball uniforms but most baseball players don't have the figure to pull it off. I love basketball outfits the most because of the amount of skin that is shown.

[Above, Jimmy Clausen]
Football uniforms are awesome, I think the most alluring. The college football uniforms are most hot because you can see the calves.

[Above, Kevin Zegers]
Above you can see the vulnerability and the cuteness, the nimbleness that can has a lot of potential.

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