Monday, November 24

Joanna Cassidy is AWESOME

Joanna Cassidy, age 63, still looks fabulous and has played 3 of my favorite roles ever. She is still magnetic and powerful as ever. Recently she has guested on "Ghost Whisperer" and the first season of "Heroes" as Victoria Pratt. She is just a great actress and hopes keeps getting meaty roles.

I found it weird that she was not on "Desperate Housewives" yet and lo and behold, she is on it now! She plays the mother was Andrew's fiance and a thorn in Bree's side. I guess they were waiting for the right role.

First time I saw her, she played Dolores in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, she gave the movie heart and gravitas. She also got the material, so she was funny without trying.

[Picture thanks to MovieScreenShots]
She played Rose Lindsey in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter, which was a somber bland movie, trying to propel Christina Applegate's "Married with Children" career. Rose played her oblivious boss who believed in her.

And her most famous role ever in Blade Runner as Zhora. A year ago for the 25th anniversary, she got in the costume (which still fit after all that time!--which she loved) to re-shoot the sequence in which Zhora fell through the glass in order to fix a continuity error with the stuntwoman's helmet hair. (She wore a helmet under the wig)