Sunday, April 6

Angel After the Fall: Cover Mystery Man discovered!

Maybe I am a bit late, probably since this issue came out last month but anyway, I have been reading both the Buffy and Angel official continuity comics and both are gorgeously written and drawn but Issue #5 of "Angel: After the Fall" features a group shot but one mystery man character that was left undefined. Writer Brian Lynch clears it up on his myspace page (link below). It is Groo, who appears in the issue and the last issue. Just so happens the cover was drawn before the issue was finished because of publicity reasons. They were planning to show the Groo we saw when we last saw him with his hair cut (in Season 3) but Lynch figured it was lame and it was better to have old Groo instead of new Groo.

For those who know haven't read the books but have seen the show, these are characters above:

Top: Angel's Dragon (the one he said he would slay but ended up befriending) and Beta George (a psychic fish from Lynch's other comics that joined the continuity)

Clockwise: Gunn, Connor, Nina the werewolf (Season 5), Lorne, Spike, Angel, Illyria, Gwen (the lightning lass from Season 4), Wesley (with the glasses of course), and Groosalugg.