Friday, April 25

The Casting in I Love You Philip Morris

I Love You Philip Morris stars Jim Carrey and Ewan Mcgregor, based on a novel by Houston Chronicle crime reporter Steve McVicker. It is about Steven Russell (Carey), a married con man who gets sentenced to 3 years in the Texas prison system and falls in love with his cellmate, the titular "Phillip Morris." When Morris (Mcgregor) is eventually released from jail, Russell escapes no less than three times in order to be with him. They already started filming and the two have done research in gay clubs such as Halo and Twist on South Beach. I find the pairing very interesting. This movie will probably be treated big since the two stars, but like Brokeback, unfortunately this movie features another wronged wife. This time played by Leslie Mann. Mann usually sticks to movies by her husband Juss Apatow. She did say she would try movies without her husband. She was great in Knocked Up, but she does get a bit shrill, especially as a wronged woman, I am not sure about this patch-work selected cast. We'll see.