Monday, April 7

Greek Episode 13 Review

"Highway to the Discomfort Zone"
April 7, 2008

Rebecca and Cappie decide to go public with their relationship and Cappie decides to tell Casey and of course she doesn't take it well. Two episodes ago, Rusty's roommate Dale offered to 'straighten' out Calvin. Dale offers it again and Calvin tells him he isn't interested. But Calvin decides to humor Dale. Of course, Calvin goes through the regular "You think I chose to be gay" relay, but thankfully briefly. The show is creative, with Dale--being an unique character and being true to people I know, or exaggerated. Dale can come off as evil or stupid, but they way they do it, it is not so bad. So Calvin finds himself at Dale's purity club and they stare at him because they haven't "seen a Gay in the wild." It can come off as offensive, but again, they are just ignorant. Calvin likes the prospect of a group that talks about their feelings and don't have sex with women.

When it is good to bad, when Calvin looks at an underwear catalog and Dale shoves a rotten banana in his face. When Calvin does the classic bible scripture debate and Dale left, upset when Calvin insinuated that he might be a sinner. The funny thing is that Dale tries to get Calvin into women, but he hasn't ever got lucky into women. He tricks Dale and have him think he might be gay. Dale gets offended of course. Calvin returns the rotten banana and leaves. Calvin returns to Dale's room, where he tries to take out everything he had that was gay. He then stapled down the 'gay is not a choice' and Dale refuses to believe it. Calvin just tells him to accept that he is gay and happy about it. Calvin then tells him they will talk about the confederate flag he has and Dale decides to keep one of his things.

Meanwhile, Casey decides to show off a hot guy Jonah (Jerad Anderson) that works at an animal shelter and gives baths to dogs sans shirt to Cappy and Rebecca. When they are drinking at the bar, that snoopy chick that is from sorority comes after them for their IDs. She becomes mostly enamored with Jonah. Jonah is mostly interested in animals, but Casey doesn't pay him any mind, until she makes out with him to make the others jealous. She offers him a drink but he is against because he has to drive home... so she just gets yet another beer for herself. The next morning to wakes up naked to a shirtless Jonah to find herself awaken to Jonah's mother. She is seemingly okay with him having sex. And then she gets the shock of her life when she finds out he is 16 and not in college... yet. Hot guy. Casey tells him to call her in five years. His bedroom was covered with baseball stuff. Casey then does the walk of shame back to the sorority house. The episode ends with one of Rusty and Casey's patented talks.

The title comes from a reference to the film Top Gun.