Thursday, April 10

The Future of "Scrubs"

Episodes 11 and 12 have been filmed, although Lawrence was absent because of the strike. Filming of episode 11 was disrupted by picketers - Lawrence quickly drove to the set to "keep the peace." On February 11, 2008, it was announced that the Writer's Strike would be coming to an end and Lawrence subsequently announced that the final episodes of Scrubs would be produced, although he is currently unsure where or how they will be distributed. Lawrence was thinking about a four-episode straight to DVD finale, as he commented to both Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. On February 13, NBC announced that Scrubs will resume with new episodes with other comedy series on April 10at 9:30pm on NBC--tonight. However, only pre-strike episodes will be aired for now.

Amid strike-induced doubt involving the final episodes of Scrubs, on February 28, The Hollywood Reporter reported that ABC was in talks with corporate sibling ABC Studios to bring Scrubs to ABC for an Eighth season of 18 episodes, despite both Lawrence's and Zach Braff's protests that the seventh season will definitely be the last. Just hours later, Variety reported that NBC was lashing out and threatening legal action against ABC Studios. However, Joh n C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) has confirmed that he has been told to report back to work March 24 to begin production for another season. McGinley was also quoted as saying that the show's long-rumored move from NBC to ABC is a done deal. Aloma Wright (Nurse Roberts) says the same. According to McGinley and Wright, Scrubs will air on ABC during the 2008-2009 TV season.

On March 19, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide reported that although nothing is "official," the Scrubs cast will be reporting back to work next Wednesday for work on an "unofficial" season as of yet. Due to legalities of the contract between ABC Studios and NBC, until NBC releases a press statement releasing rights to Scrubs, nothing is official between the Scrubs production crew and ABC Studios. On April 2, NBC announced their fall schedule, which did not include Scrubs. NBC President Ben Silverman later informed reporters, "I don't know where Scrubs is going. It's finished its run on NBC, though."

On April 4, Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online reported that following the completion of the 12 episodes owed to NBC for season seven, production will immediately commence on 16 all-new episodes for season eight. These episodes will almost certainly air on ABC for the 2008-09 season. I personally love 'Scrubs' and do agree with shows to end early before going down the hill. Also, when shows transfer to another network just for one season usually don't prevail ("Family Matters" and "Step by Step"). I forgot where I read this, but Lawrence said the pre-strike episodes that are airing now, will be pointing towards a finale-feeling, but the new ones will take it to another direction. So I will find that this will be jarring on me and other fans. Well, they can always see this as new chance to tell stories they couldn't tell before.

NBC is billing the May 8th episode as "The Scrubs Finale." The last Buffy episode that aired on the WB, it was billed as "The WB Series Finale."