Wednesday, April 2

South Park and the Writer's Strike

For those who don't know, new episodes have started a few weeks ago and South Park have had great episodes and some hit and miss. The great ones include the one where Cartman and Kyle become HIV positive and no one cares because everyone's 'it' thing now is cancer and they cute it with money. Another one, one of my favorites was a very truthful and heart-felt episode about Britney Spears. Imploring everyone to leave her alone but in usual South Park fashion, there is a big conspiracy... having her as a sacrifice. Miss was last week's episode, I don't even remember what it was. This week they make fun of writer's strike by having it as Canada is striking, it is weak and made no sense. the good part of the episode was making fun of the viral video 'stars.' They can make fun of anyone they want, but by separating themselves from the strikers, is just weak.