Friday, April 4

Make Me A Supermodel: Ben's wife meets Ronnie

Last night's last episode of the season, Ben was reunited with his wife April. She had to explain the 'Bronnie' thing. he showed her the shirt they got and she said she wanted one. He offered it to her and she was considered he didn't want it. He said, "It started as a bromance. It's harmless." More than anything she found it funny. Then he said, "He's my boy." And there was a pause. she coughed and there was an awkward pause. Later, Ronnie met April and he admitted to her that it was awkward and to the cameras too. Ben called him 'my other half.' And when Ronnie's mother came in and when she met April, she said, "We have to talk." She agreed and then his mother added, "They're just friends." LOL.

Holly's finance arrived and she said how she forgot how hot he is. And he is hot. Hot enough for the competition even. And he was all over her and he apologized to the gang and Perry told him it was okay. Perry was frustrated, because he didn't have anyone arrive yet. And finally, his girlfriend Amanda came and there was big tension. Obviously she didn't want the cameras around but they were all over her face. And Perry's face was heart-less producers would call reality-show television gold. Hollie won and before she did, she asked her man if he would be okay with if she won and what they would do and he said he promised her he would follow her and that was so touching. We all knew Holly was going to win. It was absolutely amazing three male models made it to the finalists, and it is not attributed to the gay viewers but it is amazing because the show Manhunt (for male models) failed--unfortunately so. And it is true what the judges said about Holly, she proved she could tough it out between three guys. Not like Tyra's America's Top Model, she didn't have to go against women.

Whoever made Tyson say, "The Bromance is over' and made it between Ben and Ronnie, it felt a stab to lip service. And I was not going to say this but---Perry put the nail in the coffin when he said that he couldn't believe he was beaten by Holly. He is a conceited asshole. He has to rise above. When the judges told him he didn't win, he said 'fuck' and hugged Hollie. I was going to let it go until he told Ben he couldn't believe he was beaten out. I hope he can rise above.