Tuesday, April 8

Gaysian in "Beauty and the Geek"

I haven't covered this season that much or seen much of it, but Greg, the self-proclaimed 'Gaysian' pretty much broke the traditionally straight, autistic-in-one-area geek mold (Asian Week). He may be gay, which many consider 'cool' but there are a lot of gay geeks out there. some that don't know what to do what to do. Greg admitted in the beginning that he never felt part of the crowd and now with the geeks, he didn't feel like he fit in. That "I feel like I don’t fit in with anyone … like I’m not geeky enough to be a geek or like all the other geeks are so smart, and I’m like the artistic gay guy.” Now that it has gotten to the makeover episode, the other geeks are comfortable with Greg and call him "Greggie" like the Beauties. I do feel for Greg that he doesn't have a forbearer or an instructor, much like many gay teenagers feel when they come out. Luckily he has his Beauty Randi who brings up his confidence. When there was only 2 African-American Beauties this year and only 1 last time, I don't think there will be more than 1 gay Geek next time or even another one. I think there should at least be 2 and 1 bisexual geek. I don't doubt there were bisexual geeks before, but probably they didn't have enough confidence or sexual experience to admit it. By the by, I can't stand squeaky-voice Cara.

Greg and Randi had to make a little play for The Young and the Restless and it was prom-related. He 'came out' and she slapped him, which was out of the script. He didn't expect it and he was shocked and it amused her and she started smiled. It got the judges from the show laughing. The other plays were funny and cute too. the later ones actually looked like it was from the soap. And they rubbed in cliches from soaps smartly like "Abducted by pirates." To make the episode even gayer, the elimination came to four geeks to dress in drag (of course Scissor Sisters had to be played) and the worst one would be to be eliminated. one of the geeks--Tommy brought one of the African-American beauties as impression. And Joe was picked to be eliminated, his Beauty was understandably upset because the girls ganged up on them.