Tuesday, April 22

Greek Episode 15 Review

"Freshman Daze"
April 21, 2008

I love "Greek" so much that I have skipped the so-called 'higher class' "Gossip Girl," and was garnered a gift for watching. This season, Cassie is broken up with Evan and Cappie is now with Rebecca, who had a tryst with Evan and Cassie forgave him due to the urging of her big sister Frannie. There is now a Greek Ball, which hasn't occurred in two years, Rusty (Cassie's brother) is curious to why Cappie doesn't want to go to this 'testicle.' Last night's episode flashed-back to when Cassie, Ashleigh, Cappie, and Evan were freshmen. Evan and Cappie were best friends and roommates. Cassie was innocent and sweet and met Ashleigh. Evan wanted to get into ΚΤΓ (Kappa Tau Gamma) and wanted Cappie to join, who wasn't so into joining a frat. When they get to the frat, everyone falls in love with Cappie, not so much with Evan--who they dubbed 'Bing.' Evan didn't feel that much into it, so he went to his current frat ΩΧΔ (Omega Chi Delta). Cappie felt betrayed because it was Evan's idea to go Greek.

All the while, Cappie meets Cassie and dates her. At a karaoke night, Cappie sings and ignores Cassie, Cassie tells Evan she had only seen him twice in the past six months and he is Cappie's roommate. He takes her home and then Cappie was about to dedicate a song to her and see the two leave together. The night of the ball, Cassie waits for Cappie for more than an hour. Cassie goes to Evan and Cappie's roommate and finds Evan, who wasn't going to the ball. Feeling sorry for her and making it up to her, Evan offers to take her to the ball. Frannie gets mad and goes to Kappa Tau, to bitch Cappie out and rip a new one for The Beaver and that stoner leader guy (forgot his name)--making him cry. Cappie was playing video games and completely forgot. Cappie arrives to the ball to find Cassie and Evan dancing together. Of course one things to another and they have a fight and that causes such a roar that there is no Greek Ball until the current time.

Rusty tracks this info down through google and such and after much bother, he convinces Cappie to tell him. In present time, Cassie is still bothered by Frannie, who she accepted back into the sorority ZBZ to get rid of the perky Lizzie. When Cappie arrives to pick up Rebbecca at the sorority house, Frannie comments on him being two years too late. Cappie was actually dressed much better than he was two years back. Cassie finds out what she didn't know from Cappie about Frannie. She comes around and invites sadsack Frannie to the new ball. So, it was funny to see everyone's hairstyles and wigs, the wigs didn't look so bad. Cappie actually looked innocent and younger. Evan had awful facial hair, Cassie had longer hair, so did The Beaver (that he looked like a Musketeer). What I love about the episode is the Evan-Cappie relationship balances with Rusty-Calvin relationship, in that they are friends in different fraternities. The flashback was sweet and on point, just great writing. I was wondering why Rusty didn't ask Cassie about the ball, but I guess it was because of time--they didn't even have one of their trademark end of episode talks. It was also good to see bitchy Frannie vs. the new sadsack.