Tuesday, December 18

Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo's romances

Since she got divorced, Jessica Simpson has been busy. She has had relationships with Adam Levine, John Mayer and now Tony Romo in just two years. She has also been rumored to be connected with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law, and Dane Cook. I think people have been too rough on Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson about the Dallas' loss last weekend. Carrie Underwood, who people believe was his girlfriend, told Entertainment Weekly that they were just friends and his mind was all 'football football.' My dad who is a Cowboys fan, claims his mind was clogged too as well last year when he was talking with Miss Underwood. As for Jessica, I think every woman has their right to explore their sexuality but maybe she shouldn't be so transparent about it. I am not even saying she is sleeping with all these men but she has every right to have a candy sampler and see what kind of other men there is out there.