Wednesday, December 5

1991 Tomorrow People Mini-Series

This is the 1991 revival of the British Sci-Fi series "Tomorrow People" that aired on Nickelodeon.

When American Teenager Lisa mysteriously disappeared in front of a talent show audience, sparking controversy throughout the world. A branch of CIA investigate called The United States Science Intelligence Authority deploy a capturing device. British child Kevin starts getting telepathic dreams of her and he starts 'teleporting' as well. A beginner teleporter can only teleport to places they know and can't control when they do. All of them end up on an island with a mysterious space ship embedded in the sand. Kevin and his American import friend Megabyte go to America to save Lisa when she returns. The agency may also be working with an insane millionaire who wants a 'teleporter.' Megabyte is captured and taken back to England by the professor and a bodyguard. And can Megabyte's father be the agency's leader?

Here are some funny moments:

The finale:

The mini-series had no name but in DVD and tapes, it is named "Origin Story."

I love this mini-series! After this one, Nick did 4 more but it wasn't the same. I never seen the original.

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