Tuesday, December 4

Beauty and The Geek Season 4 Finale Review

I think the reason Sam won so many challenges is obvious. I think it is unfair to say it is because he is a man. But he is much more braver and outrageous and physically inept to the beauty girls, who were the quintessential stereotypes. Acting meek and not so courageous. Some challenges were more physical than previous seasons. Like the Aztec temple one and the one with the snakes and such.

You could tell that Rebbecca digs Sam way more than he does. I am not saying that he is not interested her but she was all over him and he is aloof. Rebbecca is one smart cookie too. It was hilarious when Will called Nicole's tactics to 'play' Sam, Will, and Rebbecca. That was hysterical. I loved when they spill those beans in the show, awesome.

I am glad they didn't focus that much on the drama between William and Jen. They did lightly touch on it. Because it was done to death. Luke was so cute when he said he was getting 3 to 4 dates a week. No surprise to Josh's transformation and girlfriend. It was funny he was shy to take off his shirt and asked Sam how he does it. You know, I found Jasmine annoying before but now, she is endearing.

I voted for Dave and Jasmine.

It is not that Sam and Nicole didn't transform, but they shouldn't have won just for being the first team. Dave and Jasmine really turned around and deserved it. They were the underdogs.