Wednesday, December 19

Gossip Girl Review

I haven't review Gossip Girl so I guess I would give it a go. One would think at first glance that the show is a just another teen show. The most refreshing thing of the show is the main characters of Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgley). They are actually appealing and their relationship is actually smart and believable. Tonight's episode was good. Just like "The O.C.," there is a character whose father is gay and has a boyfriend (remember Luke's dad?). Claire's dad is played by John Shea, the Lex Luthor from "Lois & Clark." I love how Claire's mom Eleanor was old friends with his dad's new boyfriend Roman. Dan's exotic-looking ex Vanessa (well, rather his friend who liked him but he didn't feel the same) reminds me of the black ex of Taylor Handley in the canceled "Hidden Palms." Serena's mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) looks suspiciously like the mom from "The O.C." Claire is just plain evil like she is expected to. She trips Roman in the skating rink. She even goes out to call Roman's ex Freddy. Her mother Elanor quickly detects it. All Claire wanted was her day out with her dear daddy and instead she gets a entire family outing with daddy, mommy and Roman. It is just the classic daughter feeling left out after a divorce... with a twist. Not much. It doesn't matter.

The breakout hottie is not Chace Crawford but Penn Badgdely (above) as Dan. He exudes sex. He is the classic "O.C." righteous smartly teen. Kristen Bell plays the titular Gossip Girl, we don't see her but only hear her. She has been applauded for her turn as a narrator. She is not annoying. Kristen Bell finally is good for something, who knew it would be just her voice. Critics say her voice is sexy. I hope they never reveal her true identity. Who cares who the omnipresent Gossip Girl is. It saves us that her lopsided face and those horrible attempts at being sexy in "Heroes". While all the class shit is tiresome, Gossip Girl may even pass the guilty pleasure syndrome. "The O.C." quickly sunk and it only lasted three seasons or so. In this episode, Serena and Dan freak about giving them the perfect Christmas present but in truth, it is their virginity. Well, Dan's at least I think. Pre-martial sex on Christmas Eve, how Christian. Overall, the show is an utter fantasy. It is not what is really going on with New York upper class teenagers but this show didn't promise to be that. It is just pure escapism.