Wednesday, December 26

Miss Teen South Carolina Spoofs

The viral video of Miss Teen USA that rocked the country.
Miss South Carolina's Answer

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Even when she says 'Some of' sounds like 'Osama.' AOL has listed various parodies.

Check out all the spoofs on AOL Video.

The second one with the girl calling 911 is hit or miss, it is ambitious an nicely done but the video seems to be longer than the joke should be. There is one of cartoons running through her head has the same effect. The one with her 'parents' is cute. The one 'Miss Teen SA vs. Bush' is pretty good but the 'scratch' effect is annoying. The blonde imitator in the yellow-toned video seems to be too smart to be playing her and doesn't have the rant good. The one that has the ranting good is in the video. The trick to talk crazy is to believe it yourself. There is some logic to her ramblings.

This is from the Today Show, where the lady reporter saying she was nervous and protecting her. Here she says she was overwhelmed. In this interview, she does still make some rambles. Her 'answer' here again is funny to me because she still says "Well personally."

For me, it proves the question. Product of the American Educational system.