Wednesday, December 5

Kid Nation: Sofia In Charge

People called it a dictatorship. People think she is out of control and drunk with power. Sofia, who earlier have challenged the Counsel. Even comparing the four boy counsel to Nazis and cursing at Guylan (from a previous incarnation of the counsel--he even seems to still be bearing a grudge against her). Sofia even feared the future of the town in the hands of Greg and Blaine, but to her surprise, they trusted her to put everything in her hands. They put everything on her shoulders as the sheriff. She says, "I haven't gotten any crap because I haven't given anyone crap." She is a great leader, I think she is more than qualified, she has a good head on her shoulders. The counsel worried if she could handle it but Greg really think she can handle it. I find the whole thing funny, it wasn't what they expected. That she didn't trust the new counsel and then she was trusted by them. The kids were scared of her rule but then they grew to accept her. She said she thinks Alpacas are a combination between sheep and giraffe... it's actually true. They are also sort of related to llamas.

Everyone made a big deal about not having the counsel but that particular counsel is new, also lots of the other kids were counsel leaders. Red had two--Mike and Guylan, relied on Mike; Yellow had Zack and Taylor--they relief on Zack; Blue--they had Anjay, but relied on Migle. So they weren't alone. I think she chose the hot air balloons other than the eternal monument to make everyone happy and make good with them. When everyone had to vote for gold stars. Now, somewhere wanted to vote for them. Jared wanted to nominate himself. He was scary before, said strange things but he started making sense. I do feel for Zack but he shouldn't let that get to him. Those guys were just being jerks and it was funny they weren't expecting that. The ironic part is that Zack was part of the counsel and when he was, a bit of jerk and haughty, power gets to your head. I think being in the counsel changed all of them for the worse. Luckily some turned around like Laurel. (She a little bit of corruption)

Now, any of the people from Kid Nation might read this... I don't think I am smarter than you guys or anything. Just writing my opinion on this thing. Life is about learning, growing and understanding. So you guys did just did.