Monday, December 10

Aliens in America Episode 10 Review

Aliens in America Season 1 Episode 10
December 10, 2007

In this Christmas-themed episode, it is smartly about church and going to church and Christ. In most TV Christmas specials on sitcoms that is no mention of Jesus Christ, sometimes just alluded to but not completely. When Raja notices the Tolchuck 's weekly ritual instead of church is going to mall and mentions it to the mom Franny, she takes this seriously. She takes it personally and reflects on her life because she used to be really religious. So they decide to go back to church and find the church she married in has been turned into a chicken place. The father, Gary, being king consumer guy orders lots of chicken and then when they join a 'mega church,' he gets consumed in consumerism.

I like this show because even though how 'far out' they try to be, they are realistic and show American life in actuality in these modern days. For on, most American families don't even attend church. And some try going and go occasionally, like this one. This one tried going again. Raja is religious and always the man of wisdom. What I like about the main character/narrator Justin is how ignorant or dumb he is. It is perfect foil for Raja. They should keep Justin how he is. He is a perfect character. He tries praying for his own selfish wants, like getting a teacher sick (it happens) and having sex with a hot girl, which he gets in a feud with his friend in an opportunistic gamble. He plans to pray for him to get the girl. What I don't like about Raja is that he is all high and mighty and stuck up, but it works in this episode, his scolding of Justin of immortality of using praying for his own selfish needs, it runned over with narration. Which works just fine.

In another just as good storyline, Claire gets her first episode wish for birth control pills on Christmas. She is not sexually active but these days, lots of teenage virgins take the precaution. Franny drags her into a group for not having sex and ends up making out with a cute guy got wrangled with the promise of his own car. But surprise to Franny Gary, Claire actually gets into church and on Christmas day, she plan to go by herself but is surprised Claire joins along. One funny part that maybe passed by people's faces was when Raja admitted he thought Santa was Jesus got fat because of American culture. It is an awesome episode and great Christmas treat... a surprise.