Wednesday, December 19

Another Spears Oven is Baking

Yesterday it has been revealed yet more controversy in the Spears family. Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 is 12-weeks pregnant with a child from a 19-year old boy Casey Aldridge she met in church, no less. Her mom Lynee Spears's book on parenting has now been put on hold since last week. As for her Nickelodeon show "Zoey 101," the show won't be effected. The show is currently on its fourth and final season, which is actually the second half of the third season and production already ended in September. Nick and Disney shows usually last only a year or two, so I'm sure it is not like it is being canceled too soon. says Britney advised Jamie not to move in with Casey. Hollywood Gossip says Casey mother said, “Casey doesn’t wish to speak out, but it would be wonderful when the time comes." The PopCrunch Show is worried if Casey is going to jail. "Three places where Aldridge and Spears were most likely to have had sex were California, Mississippi and Louisiana. In Louisiana, the age of consensual sexual intercourse is age 17." I know I talked about Jessica Simpson's sex life and theirs, but it is really creepy.