Monday, April 17

Beakman's World Assistant(s)

Well at work I got a Latin American cable channel that shows Beakman's World, the popular science show from 1993-1995 that aired on CBS. Did you know he and his rat Lester had THREE female assistants? And the most popular-Phoebe was actually the third??!

Alanna Ubach
Her most popular and recent role has been as Resse Witherspoon's friend Serena in the Legally Blonde franchise but she has done roles on Party of Five, Monk, CSI: NY, and some modest voice work. She was the first assistant, name: Josie. She is real beautiful at premieres.

Eliza Schneider
She was Liza, just as erractic and eccentric-dressing as the others. She has done ALOT of voice work since then. The only recently live-acting work was in Girlfriends. She has done voices for Johnny Bravo, King of the Hill, EverQuest II (video game), 3-South, and most noticably for South Park (1999-2003)! She was the voice of lots of the women of the show: The Mayor, Liane Cartman, Stan's mom Sharon Marsh and sister Shelly Marsh, Kenny's mom Mrs. McCormick, Wendy Testaburger, Principal Victoria, and Mrs. Crabtree. As for Kyle's mom Sheila, the woman who did the voice of Red Butler from Rainbow Brite does her voice.

Senta Moses
Everybody knows this little mama, Phoebe. Since then, she played Dot on Sister, Sister; Everybody Loves Raymond, Rose in Dodgeball (2001) which is not at all the Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and now lifetime shows like The Division and Strong Medicine.

Well, they have done more work than anybody else on that show has.