Sunday, April 16

Uncensored Cartoon Wars

I am posting alot today and this is one topic I did not touch on because I was still in fog of cartoon wars of South Park vs Family Guy that has polarized fans. I personally, love South Park and think it is far more intellegent but I don't care either way. I did underestimate the use of Mohammed talk on the two parter Cartoon Wars. When in the second part, they claim "Comedy Central" chose not to show Mohammed, some claim it is true. When I saw that, I even fogot that showing Mohammed would be possiblity. South Park, of course is going to deal with it. I was distracted by the Bart Simpson cameo. And now there is claims that the uncensored episode is out there on the internet. So some peopl would day Matt and Trey are aiming to upset everybody and when aren't they? I praise them, even though some jokes in the episodes were a bit heavyhanded. And Kyle vs Cartman happened before.

Comedy Central has been showing the episodes like crazy, both together. I didn't get to see the end of the first one so I am glad they ran it again on sunday. I am surprised the news hasn't been talking about this alot. I am happy they haven't. I think Comedy Central censoring them is part of the point anyway.