Wednesday, April 19

Gilmore Girls: Lane got married!!

Lane, Rory's bestfriend got married with her boyfriend Zack in Tuesday Night's episode "I get a sidekick out of you" written by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. I didn't see the whole episode but what I did see was good. We all found out Lane's strict mother has another even stricter mother that has been hiding her Seventh Day Adventist-ness (my uncle is and I seen a wedding). They ended up two seperate weddings. One at home for the buddhists and one at church. Lorealai ended up taking Rory's husband while she Luke was out.

For those who don't know, Lane has been 'going out' with Zack for the past two years. They were in the same band and suddenly started dating or tried it. He is a caring,
awkward, senstitive fellow. I am glad they are taking the character to new steps and they probably did this to get a wedding knock out of the park before the season finale.