Monday, April 3

Unknown Hotties of the Week 4/3

Starting this week, I will be posting up each week relatively new or unknown actors, athletes, models, singers, etc. Here are this week's three:

Ross Thomas
He recently appeared on Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold on ABC Family two weeks ago and its now on DVD. He co-starred with Christy Romano of Even Stevens and Kim Possible fame. He has only done guest spots on CSI:NY, Cold Case, and CSI, he is a total hottie. You see him without a shirt for like four scenes in the movie. He skates, dances, is funny, serious and a bad ass. He is beautiful in everything he wears which is rare. Eric Balfour unfortunately can't. Next up for Ross is Beyond the Break, a tv series about girls wanting to be surfers.

Ryan Carlberg
I saw him in an episode of Medium, he has done Cold Case, Friends, Undressed (remember that?) and Boston Public. Yes he has an unconvential look, crooked nose but I compeltely go for that. Well, he was cast as a cute guy one of Patricia Arquette's daughters had a crush on.

Thomas Pichler
Hot gymnast. He is 19 and from Brisbane, Australia. He has been doing gymanstics since he was 7.