Sunday, April 30

Charmed A Look Back

Back then: 10/7/1998
Not exactly a mid-season replacement, coming in late in October. It was a sleeper hit, no one expected it to be a hit but it was. As much people didn't want to admit it, Shannon Doherty really pulled the show together, she is real good actress. Yes, there was bad points with the Piper turning into a werewolf.

Now: 5/21/2006
I don't really miss Prue that much, I believe the show is still good. After eight years, the writers are pretty good at remembering villians and storyline-wise. Alyssa Milano is the producer now, ofcourse star-focused. True, Rose McGowan's acting is still bad, she don't show emotion, the other two are the real pros. I still think Holy can realy carry the show but ofcourse after 8, she must be real tired. She already is. Showing fatigue for some time. The show, people haven't admit deals with alot of different deep themes and complex ideas like all three faking their deaths and having new lives, rebuilding the world with the avatars and a edgier Leo and kids from the future. Now Leo is no show this year and signs showing he might not come back until the final episode (they cheated out with a old Leo in a dreamland). This year, the big villian is two sisters, one they trained and another who was raised by evil. They bring up the fact that how can this be the final villian. Last years was, more essitentically, Brad Kern the producer meant last year to be last and this was a new chance. Yes, there are bad points were fairies, gwomes and all such things but they have been able to keep it balanced.

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