Monday, April 10

Unknown Hotties of the Week 4/10

Here is the second round:
Will Chalker
A model. He was in a total of 25 shows this season, opening and closing Tom Ford's last collection for Gucci. He has been in Campaigns for J Lindeberg, Paul Smith, Banana Republic and Sand. Will Chalker is in demand because he seems to tie in with the current mood in menswear: handsome but gentlemanly, well built and healthy, he marks a move away from fashion's drawn-out obsession with boyish, shallow androgyny.

I disagree about the boyish ness. They do a good use of using his skinny manly handsomeness and mixing it with unconviental sexiness. Tabooness making it sexy.

Pau Gasol
Basketball player for Memphis Grizzles from Barcelona, Spain. Seven feet tall of yummy goodness. Yeah, I got a thing for noses.

Beau Mirchoff
Actor, first and so far only role in Scary Movie 4, parodying the War of the Worlds, he plays Robbie Ryan. He has a official website! Kudos to him. He's 17. His role is of Justin Chatwin played.

This cutie did a bunch of tv series spots in shows like the Smallville pilot and Weeds, the Chumscrubber and Taking Lives, and latest works will be in The Invisible and The Pornographer's Poem. He is my age: 23, a month younger than me though.